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Smarter Not Harder!

We aim to help companies through our unparalleled experience and fill in essential positions with diverse and expert staff through offshoring. BPO & Offshoring enables companies to reduce their operational costs without sacrificing output quality. We provide competent and hardworking staff who can add value to your team by providing you with professionals who could help with your workloads at a lower cost.

We also provide the development of innovative technologies which transforms processes, ecosystems, and industries all over the world.  QUBIT Labs assures each employee undergo rigid selection before they become part of the company. Our recruitment team thoroughly examines each applicant to ensure our partners have access to the best talents suited to their business.  Our employees undergo training and certifications in their respective fields which are beneficial to both employee’s growth development and client’s business. 


Our Services are Limited Only by Your Imagination

Our business model offers absolute transparency in the staffing arrangement established on your behalf that ensures the knowledge and investment in training made by you will remain in your control and exclusively part of your intellectual property.

The Staff Lease fee varies based on the level of co-management you require to operate your team on a day to day basis.
The range of business processes and functions you can locate off shore is limited only by your imagination. 

Inovation Is In Our DNA

We invest in technology and disruption that others don't - making investments in technology and looking for ways to make your business better. Qubit Labs technology-enabled global business services company specializing in customer engagement and improving business performance. We partner with ambitious, progressive executives around the world to future-proof their business and stay ahead of the competition and customer expectations.

We help you reimagine your business—and get you there faster than you ever thought possible.

Blockchain Development

QUBIT Labs specializes in the development of innovative and transformative blockchain technology which can speed up processes, secure files and document, reduce issues such as fraud and corruption, among other benefits of blockchain application.
· Blockchain Development
· Legal Advice
· Cryptocurrency Creation
· Token Wallet Development
· Centralized Exchange
· Decentralized Exchange 

Game Development

We are the home to expert and versatile game developers who can create various games for different gaming clients from scratch – from creating concepts, stories, and design to programming and analyzing the quality of the game.
· Story Development
· Concept Art
· Game Design
· 2D and 3D Asset Development
· 3D Art
· Programming
· Quality Analysis 

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are becoming vital for businesses as it facilitates faster and simple transactions for their customers. QUBIT Labs has mobile developers who can code flexibly and efficiently in any needed platform.
· Android Application
· iOS Application
· Hybrid Application

Software Development

QUBIT Labs Software Developers can create a software application which is specifically tailored to the company’s needs.
· Strategy Consultation & Assessment
· Application Development
· Web App Development
· Mobile App Development
· Desktop App Development
· UI and UX Design
· Application Management
· Systems Integration
· API Integration
· Quality Analysis & Testing
· DevOps
· Software Maintenance & Support
· In-Product Analysis
· Big Data

Web Development

Our developers possess broad expertise in developing websites, which are the window of a customer’s online buying journey. They know what interface and architecture to use so that you won’t miss the chance of turning that potential customer into a buyer.
· Website Development
· Information Architecture
· User Interface and User Experience Design
· Graphic Design
· Content Writing 

Information Technology

Digital technology is significant at this age as nearly all businesses have been using computers to store their files, create processes, and security and information.  QUBIT Labs can provide IT support to any business. Our IT staff can provide assistance from troubleshooting and managing database to network and security protocols set up.
· Managed IT Service
· Network Setup
· Network Security
· Database Management 

Professional Accounting

QUBIT Labs Accountants are certified accountants who hold vast knowledge in international practices of accounting.
· Bookkeeping
· Accounting
· Financial Accounting
· Management Accounting
· Fund Accounting
· Forensic Accounting
· Reconciliation
· Tax Accounting
· Auditing 

Customer Support & Virtual Assistance

Customer Support
· Telemarketing
· Inbound Customer Service
· Outbound Customer Service 

Virtual Assistance
· Appointment Setter
· Data Entry
· Administrative Tasks


· Floor Plans
· 3D Modeling and Animations
· Interior Designing and Planning
· Raster to Vector Conversions
· HVAC Layouts

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding
· KYC (Know-Your-Customer)
· KYB (Know-Your-Business)

Graphic Design

Graphic Design
· UI/ UX Design
· 2D Art Concepts
· Logo and Branding



· Civil Engineering
· Electrical Engineering 

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